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Axel, my heart and soul

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Axel is a 8 month old blue heeler/cocker spaniel mix that me and my boyfriend, Ryan decided to get. A friend of ours got his brother and he was so cute, I just had to have one. So we went to the house and picked out the one we liked the most, we took him home and ever since then he has been our baby.

What makes him even more special to us, is he was born the same day that me and Ryan started dating. December 20th, 2008. At first, he was a pain! It seemed like we would NEVER get his house trained, but after about a month he finally got the hang of it. Axel has always been just a loving dog. He loves to cuddle and play.

At about 3 months old, Ryan took him hunting, and from instinct he knew exactly what he was doing, and ended up getting a partridge!! Ever since then he has been a hunting fool!! when ever he sees a gun, he is ready to go!! Ryan calls him his little partner, which is he. He goes EVERY where with us!! He is absolutely spoiled to death.

Axel listens so well, he will not take off too far, and if he does you just have to call his name once and he is right back by your feet, he knows how you sit, lay and shake with both paws. He is very gentle and loves to give kisses!! I have never seen just a good dog that listens so well and he is so smart!!

Last week he was hit by a truck, we think he was in the road to get our other puppy out of the road, I just got my boyfriend a pitbull puppy as a gift. Axel is very protective of her and loves her so much! anyways, he was hit by a truck in front of my house, I live out in the country so people fly down my road at crazy speeds! Well, we heard the brakes lock up and then a loud howl. Next thing we know, Axel is running into the house really scared, we didn’t see his leg yet but there was blood trailing behind him all through the house, we finally got him calmed down and saw his left rear leg, it was completely mangled. We rushed him to the vet and they did xrays and found that they could not save his leg. His 2 toes were broken so bad the bones were in a millions pieces and his hawk was dislocated and twisted. We left him there over night and they did surgery early the next morning. I got to go see him after his surgery and they let me take him outside and he was getting around just fine, I was amazed! he was walking and getting up all on his own. I was ready to take him home but the vet insisted he stay another night just so they could watch his heart and the rythm. The next morning I called and I could pick him up finally! it seems like he was gone for months when it was only 2 days. Ryan and I picked him up and he was over joyed to see us. He is healing so well and his staples are coming out a week early!! So tomorrow I am taking him to get the staples out!!

He has been so great during the healing process. He has been still and even more loving than before. He still loves the attention, but he makes sure to show every one his boo-boo on his leg! he just wants everyone to see it. He has phantom leg now, he still tires to itch his ear and it is a sad sight to see, but I help him out and itch his ear for him when I can.

I must say this dog is my heart and soul, I treat him as a child, he is my baby and every penny we spent for the vet was well worth it!!! he is still the same Axel he was before, chasing his tail, going for car rides and playing with our newest addition Allie. I love him so much and my life would not be the same with out him!!

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