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First Check Up

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This morning I took Axel to his first check up since his surgery. Every one was SO excited to see him! It makes me so proud of him to see how much everyone loves him! his vet is a cow doctor, and the nurse said she doesn’t get excited about puppies and dogs, but I guess the vet has talked NON stop about Axel and this morning before we got there she made sure EVERYONE knew Axel was coming today!! I feel like a proud mother!!

He had his staples checked, he had to have a few more put in, a few came out just from moving around but other than that it looks GREAT, there is no infection and it’s healing very fast. He is doing amazing and he is back to himself.

After surgery he didn’t eat too much and he was very sluggish and just dragging around, but the last few days he has been running around and playing and having lots of fun! He is being completely spoiled by grandma and grandpa [my boyfriends dad and step mom] they absolutely love him to death and spoil him like a grandchild. Ryan even spoils him! we buy him happy meals at McDonalds and we always make sure to get a boy toy for axel! haha and he LOVES happy meals. I have never had a dog so spoliled, but he deserves every bit of it. He is a sweetheart and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body!

anyways, he is doing great and has another check up appointment on Friday to hopefully get his staples out!

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  1. admin Said:

    on August 14, 2009 at 10:27 am   

    Our tripawd pups really do make us proud, don’t they!?!? 🙂

    It’s great posts like this that make us glad we started these Tripawds Blogs! Thanks for the update.

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